Bulk Import Resumes

3hats Resume Imported allows you to import resume via a Zip file.
Resumes will be scanned for the best match for the candidates contact details and a Candidate Profile created in 3hats.
If the candidates is already in 3hats (based on an email match) the Resume Importer will add the resume to their existing profile.

To provide for this 3Hats has a bulk resume import system. Here is a summary of the steps involved:

  1. Compress the folder full of resumes you wish to import into a Zip file. 
    Note, there is free software  on the internet to save all your email attachments into a folder on your computer.
    Once saved you can then zip them up.
    For outlook ,we have used Outlook Attachment Sniffer successfully to download attachments.
  2. Click Candidates from the within the left hand menu.
    Select the sub menu option 'Resumes'.
  3. Press bulk resume button (the Bulk Import Resumes button)
  4. Click Upload Resumes.  Select and Open your Zip file from within the pop up.
    All resumes in the zip file will appear on a list on the left.
    Note: if the progress window fails to open, close down and reopen the resume import window.
  5. Because candidates have an infinite way of laying out their resume, no resume parser can be 100% accurate.
    3Hats will attempt to find the candidates details from the first resume and present them to you.
    Check that the Candidates Details are correct, or correct them manually if not, then click Add Candidate.
  6. Repeat this for all resumes.