Career Centre

Professionally built into your existing website, job seekers can manage their job alert subscriptions, apply for vacancies, and register into your database, complete psychometric questionnaires and a whole lot more.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing website.
  • Automatic candidate acknowledgement.
  • Automatic rejection notifications based on the job seeker not meeting Visa requirements.
  • Free online psychometric reports (DISC Behavioural Profile and Motivators) that every candidate has the option to complete.
  • Polling / surveying facility for applicants.
  • Candidates can upload their latest resume by themselves.
  • Option for Referee details being captured.
  • Subscription management for newsletters and job alerts.
  • Automatic reminder alerts for candidates to return your site to complete questionnaires.
  • Customized screening questions for each role.


Candidate Screening

Minimize your time taken on phone screening unsuitable candidates. Capture relevant data that is not in the candidates resume. Rapidly create professional cover sheets. In built tools to assist you in determining if the candidate matches your client’s culture.

  • Create an essential and desirable skills form for each role that lets the applicant tailor a response for your client.
  • Automatically capture the candidate’s resume, contact details, and all candidate qualifying information.
  • Take advantage of free in-built behavioural and motivations behavioural profile tests.
  • Set auto rejects to reject candidates based on whether they are too far from your employer’s location or hold the wrong visa.
  • Phone screening template customized for each role to speed up data entry by recruiters.
  • Quick reference to job details.


Recruiter Work in Progress board

Work on the most important project first. Quickly see the status of each role. Spot where each candidate is in the recruitment process. Create your own customized WIP board. Know which employer is due for a courtesy call.

  • Sort your jobs list by leads, active jobs, priority and many more options.
  • Be alerted the second a gun candidate applies for any of yours roles.
  • Be alerted the second a gun candidates that is good for your role registers with your company – even if they did not apply for your role!
  • Customize the data you wish to see in your WIP board.
  • Automatically sort your prospects and customers by priority to contact.


Look better

Yes, ease of use and professionalism of our system amazes candidates and employers. It gives them the confidence that you are a professional organization. It also makes you the manager look better in front of your team.

  • Easy roll outs and face to face training to win the confidence of your team.
  • Online live support during business hours.
  • Ongoing training. Choose between face to face, phone, or place your new staff person through our online video training course or hard copy workbooks.
  • Webinars. Update your team on new features and ways to improve their desk by better utilization of technology.